Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cut shoots with leaves at least one leaf of the parent plant.

Grease the cut, both at the parent and at the helm, with antiseptic (medicine wound closure) or dipped into a solution of fungicide.
Once spread on the wound in the plant shoot dry (about 5 minutes) plant on the media.
Flush newly planted shoots. For a new parent watered after 3 days to avoid stem rot.
Treatment Results Pieces
Put Aglaonema shoots that have high resilience (such as Snow White and the pride of Sumatra) under 65% shade nets as much as 2 layers.
Aglaonema is somewhat fragile (like legacy and venus) and put it under UV plastic netting to avoid the rain.
There are also advised to tie with raffia leaves a lot to avoid evaporation.
Give as much vitamin B1 as Liquinox 2cc / l every 3 days by spraying to accelerate root formation.
Keep the plants do not get water
Parent Care
To stimulate bud, spray a mixture of pure auxin and cytokinin once a week. Provision is 2 times.
Hose 1 month, 2-3 buds appear. Leafy shoots can be separated after 5 strands (6 months later)

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Seek inputs / basic materials

Seek inputs / basic materials and distribute it to the farmers plasma2 . Along with overseeing the management of the company 's core plasma farmers3 . Mengatministrasikan loan plasma farmers4 . Together with the company 's core oversee and manage the implementation of the production , harvesting and sale of products of fish / shrimp to the Nucleus5 . Catch and channel the aspiration of plasma fAgen Judi Onlinearmers to the company 's cored . Bank / Government
Based on the feasibility of cooperation Core Patterns - Plasma , expected Bank / Government can engage to provide credit to farmers, fish / shrimp , Cooperative and Nucleus , both investment credit and working capital loans . In an evaluation , in addition to observation of kelyakan technical aspects of fish farming / shrimp and financial feasibility must also ensure how the management of credit and other requirements necessary to be able to support the success of joint activities .
In practice, the Bank must be mengtur how farmers plasma unfreeze credit , use it for operational purposes and establish procedures to pay installments of principal and interest loan . To that end , the Bank may make cooperative agreements with the company 's core . Under the agreement Farmers / groups / cooperatives , the core company will cut the money from the sale of fish / shrimp from plasma as mutually agreed to be paid directly to the Bank . The amount of pieces tailored to the installment plan agreed at the time the credit agreement was made by the Plasma Farmers Bank / Government .8 . TECHNICAL ASPECTS
1 .Swimming rice field near a source of water and is easy to get clean water , free from pollution of industrial waste , agricultural medicines and others.2 . Transport facilities ( road
Taruhan Bola Online or river ) that is sufficient to facilitate the transport of the means of production ( feed , fry ) , crops etc.3 . Area Swimming paddy areas should be protected from floods , siltation , excess fresh water during the rainy seaso

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Add to soil fertility

Add to soil fertility , by way of making humus by cover crops passing leaves are falling .b . The roots of cover crops can withstand water rate .c . Microorganisms present in humus will be able to decompose organic matter in the topsoil , thereby increasing nutrient elements in the soil and fertility .
Agen Bola Terpercaya3 . Rotating cropsis a plot of land planted with different crops alternately . For example, corn planted , and planted with rice and so on . The purpose of crop rotation are :
a. So that the nutrient elements in the soil is not depleted at onceb . Different types of plants require different elements , so taking elements occur alternately .
4 . FertilizationPemupikan is an attempt to add or replace the loss of several types of elements that is lost with the process plant.
Process that can lead to the loss of several elements are :a. Harvesting the way to the root retractionb . Drift along with the water when watering .
Various kinds of fertilizer that can be used include:
a. dungManure is manure from livestock manure .
b . compostCompost is a fertilizer that is derived from the decomposition of organic waste . For example, from the rest of the decay of leaves or other plant parts that are already dead .
c . green manurePupik green is derived from the fertilizer plant accidentally unplugged , then planted around the farm . Crops are often planted is kind of nuts .

Roller Blinds d . Inorganic fertilizers or artificial fertilizersPupik kinds of inorganic fertilizer is made ​​by the manufacturer .For example :

Saturday, May 3, 2014

The success of an ornamental fish

The success of an ornamental fish cultivation and the activities carried out by the keeper of the fish will be seen from the beauty of the farmed fish . How to maintain as it is growing with the advancement of technology in Indonesia .
JOKIBET.COM Agen Casino Online Terpercaya problem Formulation
In accordance with the above description of ornamental fish-keeping problems can be formulated as the following problem :
" Is the process of maintaining ornamental fish breeding strategies using guided by experts in Indonesia to improve the quality of ornamental fish in Indonesia . "
Research Objectives
 Understand and understand more about the way of ornamental fish culture . Know the types of ornamental fish in Indonesia. Understand the basics of caring for ornamental fish in the everyday environment .
Public benefits
The benefit is that we can get to know much about the kinds of ornamental fish in Indonesia and we can understand how to care for ornamental fish .
Special benefits
Special benefits derived from these studies are as follows :
1 . Ability to choose the fish well ;
2 . Ability to choose a good feed for fish ;
3 . Ability to maintain good water quality ;
4 . Ability of maintaining
5 . Ability of choosing a strategy to set the state of the pool .

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