Saturday, April 26, 2014

Gangguan at the root

Fertilization is less careful in guava fruiting plant roots can cause injury, then the water rose flowers or fruit can fall out. All of this happens because the plants do not get water supply and nutrients properly due to damage to the roots. In addition to excessive ground water can also shed supali flower / fruit, because stagnant water causes difficulty breathing, and make roots invite bisamembusukkan root fungus.
b.Gangguan on fruit
Cause: caterpillar (fly) a type of fruit and fungi that lead

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to loss of fruit, rotten. These insects attack the fruit directly with characteristic brown or black stains on the surface of the fruit. Control: (1) how to wrap the fruit while still dipohon (2) by spraying insecticide thioda (2-3 cc / liter of water) and the fungicide Dithane (3 cc / liter of water)

1.Ciri and Harvest
The characteristics of fruit that can be harvested judged by the level of maturity based on fruit skin color, ie light green, dark green, green and red little red hijaumerah green. The physical state of the fruit is also a criterion which is more visible in the harvest ripe fruit appears, the more red the color of his skin and the greater physical size. 2.Cara Harvest
Fruit picked from rangkaiaanya with care not to damage, let alone fall. 3.Periode Harvest
Guava fruiting period can be more than 1 time in a year, depending on environmental conditions. Production 4.Prakiraan
Guava fruit types of red-green color can be harvested when red guava fruit more than the color green, the ratio At TPT / acid and Vitamin C it is respectively 80.8 and 48 kg/100 gram

Fruit crops collected input into a plastic basket and stored temporarily in a cool room. Pieces of different types are not united with other types. 2.Penyortiran and Classification
Separate pieces of the defective good, then classify the fruit by size. The fruit is washed with running water or running water then drained in a drying rack. 3.Penyimpanan
Fruit that has been packaged in a shady area kept dry
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The fruit is packed in a plastic basket and arranged neatly so as not to move during the transport. Betel should be kept in cold storage if not immediately transported to the market.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

of the above factors I will describe how to handle it :

Water quality is very influential for quality mate betta maintain , because the better the water quality , the better hickey that we keep , how to improve water quality is to not use tap water because tap water contains many chemicals that are not suitable for fish , I suggest more either using water wells , river , rain water which has been deposited a week and the water comes from springs . remember these waters must be deposited for 1-2 weeks so the quality is really awake .
Variations feed can also affect our betta fish care , this should feed the settings must be changed semisalnya , Monday - Tuesday were given worms frozen fish , Wednesday - Friday betta fish given special pellets , Saturday - week could be mosquito larvae .
Care is our kosistensi in memberiukan maintenance such as replacement of water , when we have to replace the lackluster betta water once a week because of a hickey is difficult to adapt to the changed conditions of water a week 3x a week , after the condition of hickey back to digantisebanyak water 2 times a week in my experience .
Drying things considered not too important for my
Desain Website Pokerfriend hickey fan , but I think the most important thing for drying because the fish need it to eliminate the fungus in the body and increases the temperature of the fish and the water temperature , the drying can be done from 08.00 till 08.30 am .

4 . Increasing AgeIt turns out that according to the study , the older the age of a person , his appetite was only increasing . That is why the older the person's age , weight increasingly difficult to control . This was stated by Dr . Zane Andrews in his research . He found that at the age of 25-50 years , there was a nerve imbalances that give a sense of hunger and satiety . So often at these ages , one can not resist his diet . 5 . Too Much Food Sweet As quoted from the Health , Dr . Zane Andrews also explained that the more sugar and carbohydrate consumption were instead creates a feeling of fullness , but also hunger . The more carbs and sugars in the body will damage the cells that can cause a sense of fullness .
That is how to increase appetite , may be able to increase your appetite .Anik Yulianita
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Hopefully these tips useful . I got this tip from a friend of my mother who sells traditional herbal medicine . When a lack of appetite and want to gain weight , here's how to increase appetite and body fat .
First , by using a banana . The trick combed wear banana
Pusat Iklan Baris Gratis Murah spoon , put dimangkok , add honey ( 1 banana 2-3 tablespoons of honey ) , stir well and then eat . Within 1 month would have seen the results . In order to be fast , drink white milk cream every bedtime .

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Determine the location of the business

 Determining the location of the business likePulau Pramuka we are going to choose the home or a place to stay for our family. Usually there are two problems in determining the location of this business is prospective breeders who already have land preparation and prospective breeders who do not have land. Factors determining the location of a business is often overlooked by prospective farmers so that we too often hear no poultry farms which stopped half way through because of protests from the local community and of course this is very detrimental. In general, the location for breeding chicken can be grown anywhere, but if we can choose a location that is convenient and comfortable for cattle also to the community that is certainly something that is wise and prudent. The location for raising chicken as separate as possible from residential areas is at least 10 meters. What we need to consider the smell of ammonia is generated waste not to disturb nearby residents. Location of chicken livestock that also could be close to water sources, livestock production facilities (sapronak), markets, transportation easy, and secure.
Time to start a business
The next question is when are we going to start a business? Chicken farming can be started at any time of origin of all the factors supporting businesses ready and available minimal seed, feed, and cages. The availability of seed, feed, and cages is not
Agen Bola Online enough if not accompanied by a clear market information. The time is right to start a bit of chicken farming is 2-3 months before the feast of Eid al-Fitr (Eid), and the Lunar New Year AD. Why? Because at that time demand for chicken meat increased average production so we do not worry we are not sold. Further information regarding the exact time in starting a business can click my village chicken, chicken my gold

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dimension one last look at the degree of flexibility

Judging ( J ) vs. . Perceiving ( P ) . Dimension one last look at the degree of flexibility . Judging here does not mean judgmental ( judge ) . Judging is defined as the type of person who always relies on a systematic plan , and always thinking and acting regularly ( no skipping ) . They do not like things suddenly and beyond planning . They want to plan the work and follow the plan . They are good at scheduling , structure determination , and planning step by step . While perceiving types are those who are flexible , spontaneous , adaptive , and act at random to see the variety of opportunities that arise . Sudden change is not a problem and the uncertainty makes them excited . Good in the face of changes and sudden circumstances . Poker Online Yang Pertama Dan Terbesar Di Indonesia  Complaining is not going to improve the situation . May worsen your career . You are so lazy , you sag achievement , and assess your boss is not worth it to get better . They will not think to lift you , because for any positions at this time you are not worthy .
Well , if you want a better career , regardless of how any condition of your employment , then the only way is to increase your motivation to work . In fact , if you want to switch to a business , it's good to keep improving work motivation .But , I Do not Respect Me Tops . Create What Increasing Work Motivation ?
It could be your boss does not appreciate you or does not know the accomplishments and your contributions . So how do we respond? Do you have to increase the motivation to work with a boss like that ?
If your boss does not appreciate you , it is yours . First you have a boss who chose him . Yes , you have a choice whether to remain subordinate to him or not . This means that if you do not want to work under him , please find another boss , of course at other companies . The proof , if you do not choose select another boss , which means you still choose him as your boss .