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against the enemy

Picture: Shellfish Abalone (Haliotis asinina)
2.2. Morphology According Fallu (1991) abalone have a single shell or monovalve and cover almost the entire body. In general oval with longitudinal axis of the front (anterior) to the back (posterior) and even some species more oval shaped. Spiral-shaped abalone shell but not forming a cone-shaped but flattened. Head found in the anterior part of the circle while the peak (spiral) is the back (posterior) on the right side. The outside of the shell is rather rough and smooth while the inner layer of nacre looks even some colorful species. On the left side of the shell there are small holes lined. Larger holes on the front and back to smaller and more closed. Normally open hole number five, this hole serves as the entry of water containing oxygen and release carbon dioxide discharge even egg cells and sperm as well to prose respiration and excretion of wastes. Shell growth occurred with the addition of the front on the right side.
Picture: Hole - hole found in abalone shells
Feet at the foot of the abalone is apparent, in addition to running well to stick to the substrate / bottom waters. This foot is mostly covered shell and abalone evident when reversed. Part of the legs are not covered in shell looks like a pair of lips. The lip skin is closed by a hard / strong serves as a shield against the enemy On foot around the edge of the visible row of tentacles to detect food or predators approaching. Part of the abalone is edible muscle meat is attached to the shell and foot, while the contents of the stomach and gonads on the outside of the foot discarded. Head there on the front of the foot, equipped with a pair of long tentacles on the lips. The tentacles of larger size as well as eye stalk on land snails. Mouths are on the bottom of the head, do not have teeth but are covered by the tongue and the teeth
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Called the umbo and shell peak is the oldest part of the shell. The lines around the circular shell umbo showed growth. Pelecypoda shaped coat in a thin and wide network, cover the entire body and is located at the bottom of the shell. Some shells there that have a lot of eyes on the edge of his coat. Many of them have a lot of gills. Generally memilikikelamin separate, but some of which are hermaphroditic and can change gender.
Her legs are shaped like a flattened ax that can extended out. Foot scallop edging and serves to dig the mud or sand. Breathable shells with two gills and the mantle. The gill-shaped sheet (lamella) which contains stem gills. Between the body and m
Arriving in the area of ​​ponds shells virgin I was introduced to Mr. Amirudin, shellfish farmers group leader Tawang Sari village wench. Incidentally Mr. Amirudin with local fish farmers, were busy harvesting shellfish virgin.
Shellfish farming wench started occupied Tawang Sari Village residents since 2000. Previously they manage shrimp pond. But because of tiger shri
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Cultivate virgin shells are not too complicated. Before the seed stocked, plus land first processed so ready to be a place of enlargement shells.

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